Books Messy, Out of Date & Just Don't Balance

Are your accounts out of date or do your books no longer balance? There is no situation, no matter how messy it is, that can’t be remedied.
Is your tax behind and you just haven’t had time to catch up on the paperwork?

  • Do you have a huge amount of receipts and purchases that are still in a shoebox 0_0_640_0_70__Reviews_files-1
  • Your Bank Statements don’t balance to your books
  • Your BAS’s may have been done, not done at all, maybe they are not accurate
  • Its difficult to balance Payroll and issue Group Certificates to employees
  • You have not completed the Annual Contractor (Payment) Report for the ATO – due 31 Aug

If any of these sound familiar then they should be ringing alarm bells as the ATO is becoming less tolerant.  The main documents you need being your Bank statements and your sales. We can reconstruct your books from just these two items.

Bank Statement Differs from Ledger

The reasons for the difference between the bank statement and the balance in the ledger include outstanding cheques, deposits in transit, bank fees, internal posting errors, direct debits on the bank statement not yet recorded on the books, and deposits on the bank statement that are not yet recorded in the ledger.
If an item is in the ledger but not yet appeared on the bank statement, the items are entered as an adjustment to the balance per bank statement. Outstanding cheques are a deduction to the balance per bank; deposits in transit are an addition to the bank balance.
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